BBC spotlight on What More exporting to 71 countries

A Burnley firm took centre stage as television cameras came to town to show off a manufacturing company who is bucking the trend on the international stage.

Bosses at What More UK Limited had an early start for their slot on BBC Breakfast as director Tony Grimshaw explained.

“We realised there are two 3.30s in the day as they arrived at 4.45am and the production staff arrived a bit later.

“It was great and Steph McGovern was so professional and talked everything so easy to make it like we were having a chat.”

The company employs 245 people and they boast 18 different nationalities from New Zealand to the Republic of Ireland and everywhere in between.

But Mr Grimshaw insists their workforce are an important part of their success.

He said: “People in Lancashire just get down and get things done and don’t complain.

“Some of the employees were there at 6am and they were smiling and that is what we are about.”

The firm specialise in British-made products include household storage, DIY toolboxes, organizers, garden pots, pet care, food storage and wooden brushes, all under the brand name Wham.

Speaking on the programme, director Tony Grimshaw said: “Business is growing and things are going in the right direction.

“We have invested £8m over the past 18 months and have earmarked another £3m for new machinery.

“Our job has been made a lot easier by the quality of our products and service and also hard work of our staff.

“We export to 71 countries and it all started four years ago when we did not want to depend on or be over-reliant on regions.

“We now have customers in South America, North America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

“We deal with most good major retailers in the United Kingdom.

“There are some products for South Korea and the funny thing is that you can only read What More UK Limited on the labels.”



Original story: Lancashire Telegraph