Burnley, Stronger Together

The bondholder scheme is a powerful network of over 150 organisations who work together to bring ‘plc’ and ‘place’ together, to promote businesses and Burnley.  One of the country’s largest private sector led Bondholder Schemes, has strength in numbers to influence agendas and has developed a united voice to promote the town across the UK to encouraging investment.

Good for Burnley...good for Business

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Aircelle and Velocity Composites sign major new deal!

AIRCELLE (Safran), the manufacturer of Nacelles for the aerospace industry has announced the signing of a major deal with fellow Burnley-based business Velocity Composites. The five year deal will see Velocity provide engineered structural and consumable material kits, with Aircelle making significant savings on material costs and improving productivity. Aircelle’s Stephane Cueille, said: “We are delighted to sign this deal with Velocity Composites. They have worked with Aircelle since their formation and this deal demonstrates both how far they have progressed, and also our great confidence in their processes. Velocity will provide a first class service that will enable Aircelle to be more competitive read more>>