Burnley, Stronger Together

The bondholder scheme is a powerful network of over 130 organisations who work together to bring ‘plc’ and ‘place’ together, to promote businesses and Burnley.  One of the country’s largest private sector led Bondholder Schemes, has strength in numbers to influence agendas and has developed a united voice to promote the town across the UK to encouraging investment.

Good for Burnley...good for Business

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Burnley student is ‘star of the show’ in London

Leading members of the business and education world were captivated by Hameldon Community College Student, Keaton Newcombe Dickson at a prestigious London-based business event. Keaton was invited to speak at  Business in the Community’s National Business Class Symposium at Goldman Sachs offices in London following his outstanding performance in a local business/education initiative run by Burnley company VEKA and its Business Class partner school Hameldon Community College. A number of 'mini apprenticeships' were created at VEKA, job adverts were written and students were invited to apply formally for the roles. Interviews were then carried out and five students selected for the respective roles. Over read more>>