Burnley, Stronger Together

The bondholder scheme is a powerful network of over 150 organisations who work together to bring ‘plc’ and ‘place’ together, to promote businesses and Burnley.  One of the country’s largest private sector led Bondholder Schemes, has strength in numbers to influence agendas and has developed a united voice to promote the town across the UK to encouraging investment.

Good for Burnley...good for Business

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Former NatWest bank to be turned into Italian Restaurant

The grand surroundings of a historic Burnley NatWest bank, modelled on a Florentine palace when it was built more than a century ago, is set to become an Italian restaurant. Ribble Valley restaurateur Pino Cafasso, who hails from the Italian culinary capital of Naples, is spending nearly £1m. breathing new life into the former NatWest Bank in Hargreaves Street. I was not surprised when I heard that architects had based it on the Palazzo de Medici in Florence. I thought The Palazzo would be a perfect name. The restaurant and cocktail bar, which will be named The Palazzo, is set to open by October read more>>