Burnley, Stronger Together

The bondholder scheme is a powerful network of over 130 organisations who work together to bring ‘plc’ and ‘place’ together, to promote businesses and Burnley.  One of the country’s largest private sector led Bondholder Schemes, has strength in numbers to influence agendas and has developed a united voice to promote the town across the UK to encouraging investment.

Good for Burnley...good for Business

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new call telecom

New Call Telecom investment worth US $100mil

New Call Telecom Ltd., one of the fastest growing residential telecom service providers in the UK with a growing presence in India has announced investments worth US $100 million in the next 18 months in India towards strategic acquisitions of mid-level telecom companies providing innovative value added services in the broadband space. This was announced by Dr. Jerome Booth, Chairman, New Call Telecom and Principal Investor into the company through his private office, New Sparta in the presence of Mr. Nigel Eastwood, CEO, New Call Telecom here today. The company is looking at acquiring four such companies in India, with announcements planned in the read more>>