Graffia UK

Graffia is a creative design and art studio based in Burnley, Lancashire. Our design philosophy is simple; we work closely with our clients to create design with character and relevance, fulfilling briefs to the letter. We apply this thinking across identity, print, digital, advertising, customisation and mural design.

what we do…

We create, draw, paint, print and customise. Beautiful design, memorable brands, amazing murals, and the difference that makes you stand out.

We do it by working closely with you – understanding your brand or idea and being responsive when you need us, proactive where it counts, and always making sure you’re delivering your message in a way that consistently achieves great results.

To create the perfect branding for your company you really need a design studio that fits with your culture and aligns with your beliefs.


Is that us? To find out please call us on 0330 400 6633 or email: paul@graffia.uk

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