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FX Fitness Experience is the only dedicated personal training facility in the area. It is a family owned company which has been operating since 2011.

The business has deliberately positioned itself away from the ever growing number of ‘mass membership’ establishments in the area and offers only bespoke training and nutrition packages to meet individual client needs. There are 6 fully qualified Personal Trainers operating in the facility with over 50 years of collective Health and Fitness Experience. In addition to the core qualifications the staff can also offer a range of specialist qualifications such as G.P. Referrals, Lower Back Pain Programmes, Pilates and the business also offers advice and indeed sales of a wide range of nutritional supplements.

The facility is based in the Stables building at the Inn on the Wh
arf courtyard in Manchester Road Burnley. Here you will find a fully equipped centre containing a wide range of strength and conditioning equipment, cardio – vascular equipment and specialist equipment to enhance the client experience.

The customer spread ranges from international footballer’s right through to the majority of clients, hundreds of people, who just want to enhance their life by improving health and fitness. The success rate for the people using FX is extremely high and as there are no long membership contracts indeed all repeat business is based on satisfaction with the Quality and Value of the offering.

FX Fitness Experience– Let others come after us, we welcome the chase.

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