M65 Recruitment

For ten years, we’ve been helping businesses  thrive, grow and reach new heights.

The best companies are built on their workforce. Experienced decision makers and the operation staff who keep the organisation running smoothly. That’s why its crucial that every role is filled by the right individual.

At M65 Recruitment we know better than anyone. We’re not your average high-street agency spreading our resources thin across every sector we know about. We’re recruitment experts with a decade of experience using our vast knowledge to place the right candidate in the M65 area. Not only that but we’re here to help you make smarter hiring decisions, improve your staff retention rates and save money.

Here’s our quick pitch;

  • We have superior industry knowledge, earned through ten years working in the local market.
  • We’ll solve all your temporary and permanent staffing requirements.
  • Fill your shop floor, office and management vacancies with the best staff.
  • You’ll improve retention rates and see more short-term employees turn full time.

For a decade, we’ve succeeded in helping businesses in the local area to build productive, reliable teams. Our clients tell us that their teams are happier, more productive and staff turnover is lower when we’re involved.


For more information visit:  http://www.m65recruitment.co.uk/

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