University Technical College (UTC)

University Technical College Lancashire provides high quality technical education for 14-19 year olds specialising in Engineering and Construction.  UTCs are supported by the government and many more are opening over the next few years. We opened in August 2013 at Victoria Mill in Burnley and are the first UTC in East Lancashire. Our UTC provides a fantastic opportunity for young people in Pennine Lancashire to access an outstanding education that is linked directly to developing the skills and knowledge that local employers want and need. We are working with our employer partners to ensure that the skills they require are taught in our UTC, so that young people have a head start when they are seeking employment.

You can start at either 14 or 16+ years of age and will combine academic work with technical projects and challenges. There is also the opportunity to experience a wide range of enrichment activities which will ensure that you develop a good all-round education. The curriculum is innovative and provides an exciting education for learners of all abilities who are interested in pursuing a career in Engineering or Construction.

Our aim is to provide a key piece of the educational jigsaw for the area and I am very confident that learners who come to us will flourish through the unique way our curriculum is delivered.

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