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Award Categories and Entry Criteria for 2019

Some new categories will be joining the line-up for 2019. We are excited to be bringing back the Tourism and Leisure Award. We’ve also added Growing Business of the Year to the line up for 2019. Watch this space …. all awards will be detailed and launched for entries from Friday 25th January 2019, but here’s the awards up for grabs so far …

Small Business of the Year Awards 2019

5-19 & 20-49 employees

ENTRY CRITERIA – Two Small Business awards are open to small businesses employing between (5 -19) and (20-49) employees. The judges will be looking to hear about the company and its main activities, business performance, and what makes them a success. Innovation, great marketing, and potential for future growth are all factors which will be required by the judges. They will be looking for all round excellence in business: commercial success, growth and achievement, innovation, creativity, staff training and development.

Sponsored by Safran

The Innovation Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award will acknowledge successful innovation within a business. This may be demonstrated in innovative products, services, processes, design, workforce development or technology.

Sponsored by Napthens Solicitors

International Business of the Year 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Are your business horizons wider than the UK market? This award will recognise growth in international trade. Your entry should demonstrate a detailed understanding of the target market(s). Judges will be looking for evidence based on the following criteria:

• Evidence of versatility, imagination and persistence in exploiting target markets overseas

• Tactical ability in overcoming obstacles such as bureaucracy and exchange rates

• Evidence of positive sales and market share performance

Open to businesses that are trading internationally – flying the flag for Burnley overseas.

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Manufacturing Excellence Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award is specifically designed to recognise excellence and best practice in Burnley’s strong manufacturing sector – not only in terms of internal operations but also in terms of processes that involve customers and suppliers.

The judges will be looking for evidence based on the following criteria:

• Sales performance and growth prospects

• Product development, manufacturing innovation and the efficient use of technology

• Quality standards and monitoring

• Investment in people and equipment

• Environmental awareness

Sponsored by Taylors Solicitors

Young Employee of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Nominated by their employer, this category is open to a young employee or apprentice who has been employed by the company for up to 2 years and aged 25 or under. The nomination must demonstrate how the individual has had a significant impact on the business and made a personal contribution to a project or business as a whole. This might include career progression, relevant personal or professional qualifications or other training. This person’s company will need to support their entry in this category and confirm the positive impact they have made in their job role and to the overall business or organisation.

Sponsored by Barnfield Construction 

Medium Business of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award is open to a medium sized business (employing between 50 and 250 employees) demonstrating all-round excellence in business, evidence of commercial success, growth, achievement, innovation, creativity, staff development and training, and green initiatives.

Sponsored by Holiday Inn Express Burnley hiexburnley.com

We are delighted to be supporting the 2017 Burnley Business Awards. As a small to medium sized business ourselves, we have experienced the benefit from the regeneration and growth of Burnley. We understand the challenges and opportunities in this type of business and are proud and excited to support this award.

The Digital Impact Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Judges are looking for inspirational examples of digital innovation, technological robustness and creative originality in any project undertaken within the last 2 years. Entrants will need to provide detailed examples of their work that demonstrate the extent of their creative thinking and digital expertise while showcasing how they have achieved the main objectives of the original brief and specification. They will also need to provide detailed information on the performance of the project to the client and the intended audience. Eligible businesses include software developers and coders, those who provide digital marketing channels, social marketing, SEO operations and digital sales platforms.

Sponsored by Burnley College 

Business of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Open to any business that can demonstrate all round excellence in business, with a clearly defined vision for developing and growing the business in terms of employment and wealth. Judges will be looking for excellence in the following areas: evidence of commercial success; employment growth; financial performance and future objectives; the competitive advantage of the business; specific strategies which have driven business growth and achievement, innovation, creativity, employee engagement, staff development and training; demonstration of environmental improvements and cost savings through resource efficiency, and businesses who can show an active contribution to supporting their local company.

Sponsored by Paradigm Precision paradigmprecision.com

Paradigm Precision is a leading manufacturer of complex machined and fabricated components for the aerospace, land-based power generation and marine markets. We operate on a global basis, sponsored by the Carlyle Group and Aero Equity. Paradigm Precision adds value by leveraging the synergy between capital investments, engineering, low-cost manufacturing operations and modern manufacturing methods.

Guided by seasoned leadership, the company’s culture is focused on customer requirements and the principles of LEAN and Six Sigma operations. This cannot be achieved without our main asset our people. We recognise Burnley is an increasingly innovative and exciting place to work with solid future prospectives. We would like to celebrate success of the local businesses and their employees this year and look forward to welcoming new businesses into this enterprising town in the future.

The Employer of the Year Award 2019

This award recognises organisations that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of its employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce. Judges will be looking for:

• Positive leadership and management

• An integrated ethical culture across the company

• A clear human resources policy that creates a stimulating and supportive workplace

• How employees are engaged with company values and strategic goals

Sponsored by Rotherwood Recruitment 

The Apprenticeship Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This category seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an employers’ commitment to developing their workforce through Apprenticeships. Judges will look for employers who showcase the benefits gained from their on-going commitment to apprenticeships.

Sponsored by Burnley College

Leisure & Tourism Award 2019

Entry Criteria

Sponsored by Mint Business Travel 

Growing Business of the Year Award 2019

Entry Criteria – Open to businesses that can demonstrate 15% + – increase growth in their latest financial year.

Sponsored by Forbes Solicitors

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We have been providing Legal Advice to businesses in Burnley for over two decades but are particularly proud to have been legal advisors to Burnley Football Club now for over 15 years and Calico for over 10 years.