Kellie leads moo-vement at Krafty Cow

Kellie Bland is sprinkling the town centre in fun and knitting people together at her Krafty Cow Tea Room.

A Burnley woman is leading a kindness moo-vement at her “tea room with a difference”. Kellie Bland (36) is embroidering the town centre in colour and creativity while shepherding people back towards community life with fun new groups at Krafty Cow Tea Room.

“There are so many people who are alone and it breaks my heart,” she said. “The aim with the tea room is to bring people together. It’s a safe place and no-one will be alone here.”

Having battled severe anxiety, Kellie decided to help people with similar struggles by infusing her tea room with a homely vibe. It’s why she’s using her passion for arts and crafts to set up a relaxing Meet and Make group for elderly residents and their carers, together with Knit and Natter sessions. And it’s also the inspiration behind her coffee mornings for sufferers of anxiety and a group for the parents, carers and partners of people with autism.

“It’s a catch-22 situation when you have anxiety,” she said. “You’re lonely but you’re scared of being around people. I hate the thought of someone feeling like that.”

She’s also on a mission to encourage children to turn off their phones and tablets. “I want to help children craft more. Older generations love seeing them here – it makes their day.”

The story of Krafty Cow began when Kellie lost her job. She found a champion in Town Centre Manager Catherine Price, and with an army of supporters behind her, raised £900 through Crowdfunding. Friends then rallied round to help her make everything in the Boot Way shop. And she couldn’t be happier with the results.

“It’s my baby,” she said. “I get to spend every day meeting amazing people. We have the best customers – they’re crackers but we have a laugh. “It’s an absolute pleasure to come to work and for everyone involved it’s genuinely been a labour of love.”

Mondays (fortnightly): 11am – 12-30pm Meet and Make; Tuesdays: 10am – noon Childminders; Wednesdays: 10am – noon Knit and Natter with Pauline; Thursdays: 11am – 1pm Playgroup: singing and story time; Fridays: 10am – noon Coffee morning for people with anxiety; First Wednesday of each month: 1 – 3pm Action for ASD.

Inquiries on 01282 835000.

Original story: Burnley Express