Outstanding Burnley College students on their way to Cambridge University

Outstanding Burnley College Sixth Form Centre A Level students Lucas Nothard and Zack Beauchamp will be visiting Cambridge University for a prestigious five day taster week to get to know what student life is like at their first-choice university.

Both Lucas (17) and Zack (also 17) were encouraged to apply for the specialist Sutton Trust summer school, which take place at top universities across the UK, by their A Level tutor Arfan Anwar. Burnley College Sixth Form Centre A Level students have now taken part in Sutton Trust summer school activities at Cambridge for a number of years, fully supported by their Burnley College Sixth Form Centre tutors.

The Sutton Trust was founded in 1997 by educational philanthropist Sir Peter Lampl to promote the wealth of talent in schools and Colleges across the UK, giving opportunities for gifted students and making it easier for them to access the country’s leading universities.

Lucas’ visit to Cambridge University will focus on Engineering, to suit his aspirations to study the subject and become a leading Aerospace Engineer. Zack is keen to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and so will be based in this area of study throughout his visit to the institution.

Both students were chosen for their outstanding grades and academic achievements. Their time in Cambridge won’t just be lectures, seminars and tutorials however, with a varied programme of social activities also on offer to give them both a real taste for what life is like as an undergraduate student at Cambridge University.

The pair will also study with their Cambridge University mentors, who will help them to settle in for the week and introduce them to studying for top results ready for their second year of A Level study, Cambridge University-style.

Principal Hugh Bramwell said:

“It is exciting to see two more of our outstanding A Level students gain the experience of life as a student at one of the world’s leading universities. Burnley College Sixth Form Centre is a place where talent and advanced learning is prized and nurtured, and we all hope Lucas and Zack take as much from this opportunity as they can. We also hope that it gives them the motivation to succeed in their A Levels and reach their first choice university.”