Shuttleworth future engineers pilot Bicycle Club

A Padiham high school has piloted a unique scheme that teaches students design and engineering skills. And the project, which saw year nine students at Shuttleworth Community College turn old bicycles into tables, clocks and new bikes, may be introduced nationwide after it was such a success.

Is it a bike or is it a clock? One of the timepieces made from old bike parts by the students at Shuttleworth College.

Old bikes were brought into school for the 38 students to transform them in the new project called the Primary Engineer Bicycle Club and the Secondary Engineer Bicycle Club.

Design and Technology teacher Jen Hughes said: “The pupils upcycled old bikes and other existing products to give them a new function or purpose. “Some of the bikes were restored and given full maintenance and safety checks so they are now suitable for use as bicycles again.

“The project not only taught pupils about materials and joining techniques, they also learnt about sustainability as well. “They were introduced to mechanisms through lessons about the gears and how they work as well as being encouraged to work as teams and being creative.”

Original story: Burnley Express