Themis Aeronautical Engineering Apprentices visit aerospace heroes

Advanced Aeronautical Apprentices from Themis at Burnley College experienced a day in the presence of aerospace giants as they came face to face with Concorde and Nimrod at Manchester Airport.

The Apprentices, who work at top Aerospace Engineering employers across the North West, were given the opportunity to learn more about some of the UK’s most historic engineering achievements at an industry best practice visit hosted by Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport.

The sessions included information about the speed and uses of the aircraft, including specialist Maritime Patrol and Attack SONAR plane Nimrod and the famous passengers who once used Concorde in its heyday.

Later in the day, Apprentices were given radios to hear information from Air Traffic Control as flights took off and came in to land at the UK’s third busiest airport.

Aeronautical Engineering trainer assessor James Kenyon said:

“Our trip to Manchester Airport was a fantastic way to introduce our Advanced Engineering Apprentices to the types of aircraft that used British innovation to break the mould. It was great to show each member of the group that they could be using their skills to manufacture or design iconic aircraft or aeronautical technologies in the future. Inspirational trips like this one really bring home the idea of what Apprentices can achieve, understanding that they too have what it takes to be world-class engineers.”

Director of Themis Simon Jordan said:

“Trips like these are important to provide additional skills and knowledge for our Advanced Apprentices, giving them industry insights that will help them further their careers. Each of our Advanced Engineering Apprenticeships balances outstanding training from our industry experienced trainer assessors and it is their direct links with employers that ensures our Apprentices are given the best possible opportunities to succeed as the leaders of tomorrow.”


Story: http://www.downtowninbusiness.com