Our pride, our passion, our place… visit Burnley.

Burnley’s tourism industry is worth close to £100 million per year, there are 1,374 jobs in the visitor economy and Burnley welcomes over 2.4 millions visitors. You can walk around Towneley Hall with characters from the past, or take part in fun runs through the countryside, enjoy theatre performance in the park or exhibitions of sculptures or paintings in the galleries. With well over 150 events taking place throughout the year you are sure to find a reason to get out of the house and try something new.

boating in Burnley

Youth Theatre Make a Song and Dance Over Burnley Business

East Lancashire business leaders swapped the bottom-line for the chorus-line as talented performers from Burnley Youth Theatre treated them to a unique Gala evening. The first purpose built Youth Theatre in the UK was transformed into Turf Moor football ground, a weaving shed, a World War memorial and Towneley Art Gallery through the imagination and improvisation of its talented young stars. The ‘Made In Burnley’ Gala was the first step to creating long-term relationships with the town’s thriving commercial sector since cuts to arts funding have forced BYT, alongside other Pendle arts organisations, to face new financial challenges. Artistic Director Mandy Precious explains: “Made read more>>