Our pride, our passion, our place… visit Burnley.

Burnley’s tourism industry is worth close to £100 million per year, there are 1,374 jobs in the visitor economy and Burnley welcomes over 2.4 millions visitors. You can walk around Towneley Hall with characters from the past, or take part in fun runs through the countryside, enjoy theatre performance in the park or exhibitions of sculptures or paintings in the galleries. With well over 150 events taking place throughout the year you are sure to find a reason to get out of the house and try something new.

boating in Burnley

Pennine Lancashire remains top place to eat!

Two restaurants in the Burnley area have been named among the top 50 in the country. The Freemasons at Wiswell was ranked 41st in the Good Food Guide’s Top 50 Restaurants, and Northcote in Langho came in 49th. Both restaurants are a short drive into the beautiful Pennine countryside surrounding Burnley and are favourites with people from the town. The ranking came after The Freemasons received a coveted seven out of 10 score, and Northcote a six. The Good Food Guide is the UK’s bestselling restaurant guide. The guide, which was launched in 1951, reviews restaurants, pubs and cafés, while providing a guide of the best read more>>