Hussain Architectural Design LTD Have Come Out On Top Again At The 2016 Build Awards

Hussain Architectural Design is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded the 2016 Build Award for: Commercial Architecture & Planning for the UK.
Hussain Architectural Design Ltd a young female led architectural practice is based in Burnley, Blackburn, Manchester and London and founded in 2011 by the then 23 year old Saira Hussain. Some of the highlights for HAD have been things such as interviews for BBC Apprentice along with being invited to take part in a Property developing programme on ITV. One of our houses just recently featured on BBC House that 100k built. HAD have also been nominated for and won over 25 awards in the last five years.
This award is the 7th award won by HAD in 2016 alone.
Reacting to this announcement, practice manager Saira Hussain said: “I am a strong believer in sustainable design/planning and contributing to an improved future through the use of clean technology. Suitability applied in all aspects of life as is critical to our future. We only have one earth. We must find ways to reduce our harmful impact on the environment. It is always an honour to be recognised for all the hard work we put in.’’
Practice manager, Nixie Edwards also said: “I am thrilled to be recognised continuously by industry professionals for all the hard work we put in, commercial planning is a core part of our practice.’’
To find out more about Hussain Architectural Design Ltd, you can visit our website at: