6G Internet

6G Internet represents next generation broadband, providing multiple Gbps speeds to corporate and residential users. 6G Internet has introduced the latest in radio technology, transmitting and receiving your super-fast internet through the air via our bespoke point-to-point fixed wireless network instead of through underground copper wires.

6G Internet’s objective is to deliver quality and reliable super-fast Internet connections to the UK and over the past few years have invested heavily to design, develop and roll out its Air Fibre network.

6G Internet is now able to offer super-fast Internet access over its robust and reliable network at highly competitive prices without being reliant upon the same networks used by many other providers.

Because 6G Internet doesn’t solely rely on a physical line for telephone communications, this means that – as well as future-proofing the service – 6G Internet offers the customer the opportunity to save on line rental costs.

Tel: 0800 246 6459

Twitter: https://twitter.com/6gbusiness

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