BCW Manufacturing Group

Founded in 2002, BCW have a collective experience and proven track record at a high management level of dealing with large blue chip clients in market sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Aero-Engines and Off-Road Vehicles.

BCW will:

·         Develop an open relationship with clients putting our considerable expertise and technology at their disposal.

·         Use their expertise to consider every aspect of production engineering to meet customers’ needs or ways in which cost can be reduced.

·         Develop or manufacture solutions precisely in line with specific requirements.

·         Continually develop their technology, introducing, where required, new and innovative processes.

Our qualified staff, all with engineering backgrounds, work closely with our customers to ensure the highest standards of quality and service are met.

Entirely new solutions are frequently developed.  To achieve this, a dedicated CAM/CAD design department is incorporated with all the processes.

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