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Blazes Renewables have been providing energy solutions to its clients for more than 25 years.
The service from Blazes Renewables Limited is a fully comprehensive, project manged turnkey solution using only the highest quality LED lamps available. We do this with minimum inconvenience and disruption to our Client’s day to day business needs.


Our LED lamps are sourced from Bright-LED, who are also a Burnley Bondholder. They have a strong emphasis on design, technology and state of the art manufacturing to ensure the Commercial LED Lighting they provide perform to the highest level while still offering exceptional energy savings.


The process starts with a free, no obligation site survey by one of our LED specialists.
Once the lighting design has been created and agreed with the client Blazes will produce a detailed proposal for converting the existing lighting to LED. The proposal will be fully costed and will have details of the various payment options.

The proposal will show the reduction in operating costs and the reduction in carbon produced along with life expectancy and the savings in maintenance costs. A final important feature of the proposal is the calculation of payback time and return on investment.

Whilst an investment into LED usually has a payback well within 2 years Blazes Renewables Ltd recognises many businesses wish to hold on to their cash reserves to cover any unexpected contingencies. To assist in this desire to remain liquid Blazes Renewables Ltd are able to offer a variety of cash flow positive, no deposit finance and rental schemes. This is where there is no upfront payment and structured so that the monthly payments are lower than the monthly savings being made leading to a positive cash flow even during the term of the finance arrangement.

As a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, clients of BRL can apply for non-repayable Grant Funding from the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund. In real terms this means that clients of BRL can benefit from a capital contribution to the investment in LED equal to 15% of the total project cost to a maximum of £5,000.

The installation can be carried out by the client’s own electricians or the project can be passed to the Blazes installation team.

If the client has elected to use the Blazes installation team then a meeting is arranged between the lead electrician and the client to discuss Risk Assessment and any operational issues which may arise during the installation process.
Throughout all of these processes the Blazes LED Specialist will take the lead on Project Management and liaise directly with the client.

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