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CMA Tools Ltd was founded in 1968 by the current directors John M. Aspden and Brian Crossley, both time served toolmakers, and started out as a small cutter grinding firm. In 1980 CMA Tools expanded in to its current larger premises providing the ability to expand our product range moving more in to tool making. During the 1970’s and 1980’s white goods were CMA’s main area of expertise before becoming heavily involved in the automotive industry working for many big name brands.

The aeropsace industry became and still is one of our biggest areas with well over 30 years experience. CMA Tools have gained knowledge in many areas over the years and have very good customer and supplier relationships. CMA Tools have a strong belief in passing forward this knowledge which why we invest heavily in our staff and are proud of our apprentice training scheme and insist on doing our own training, ensuring that young engineers remain within the region.

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