Futaba Manufacturing UK

Futaba Manufacturing UK in Burnley is the product of a joint venture involving two of the worlds leading automotive suppliers and supplies the Toyota plant in Derbyshire with pressed and welded sub assemblies. We also supply our sister plant in Derbyshire with similar assemblies which are processed and delivered to Toyota on a sequenced basis.

FTUK currently employs 190 members and is planning the introduction of new machinery and tooling for the new Toyota Auris from October 2012 onwards that will see new cells and robotic assemblies supply Toyota with over 220,000 car sets per annum.

FTUK has won many manufacturing awards over the last 10 to 12 years for safety, quality and delivery performances, and has recently been presented with recognition awards from Toyota for exceptional quality of product and outstanding delivery, with no short shipments or missed labels for over 3 years.

Finally, FTUK are proud to be a local manufacturer, with a long tradition of manufacturing on the current site, from Butterworth and Dickinson’s in 1878, to Tenneco Walker to Futaba-Tenneco. We are a Company that is proud to employ Burnley people and wants to actively contribute to the local economy and be seen to make a difference in other areas. We have trustees on the board of local charities, school governors at local primary schools, and we are soon to sponsor and assist in the upkeep of a mile stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

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