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After developing software for some years for the energy efficiency industry, GetWarm was established in January 2013 by David Heys and Glynn Myers, the owners of well known Burnley IT company ThunderTec.

Working from their offices in Manchester Road, Burnley, GetWarm have quickly established themselves, as a leading funder of energy efficiency, to both the domestic and commercial market places, on a national basis.

GetWarm is one company with three distinct areas of business,

GetWarm Finance, provides consumer bank and credit union finance, this is offered to the domestic marketplace by our national network of installers. Our installers are from all areas of the energy industry from plumbers installing boilers, to builders providing additional insulation to properties. We also provide access to funding from government and energy company grant schemes, when these are available.

GetWarm Energy, is both an energy supplier and consultancy for energy usage in the commercial sector, providing competitive rates on gas, electricity and biomass. We provide consultancy on all aspects of energy efficiency, and excel at keeping business fuel costs as low as possible for our customers.

GetWarm Direct, is our local, direct to domestic consumer, installation business. Here we pride ourselves in providing real, no nonsense, energy saving products to our local customers in Lancashire. We can guarantee we will reduce their energy bills and save them money with at least one of the products in our portfolio. Unlike most other installers, we use our technical background to also provide state of the art control and monitoring to our customers. Our own smart phone apps, allow customers to monitor and control their energy usage remotely, improving their use of energy, and saving them money.

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