The Oddie family bakery was started in 1905 at Primet Bridge Colne when William Henry started out  in business with his wife Jane Dean.  From those small beginnings the firm has grown slowly and steadily so that today in 2013 there are 16 Oddie’s Bakery retail outlets in an area of East Lancashire stretching from Colne over to Blackburn and then out to Todmorden.  They employ almost 200 staff – the majority of whom are women.

All Oddie’s products are all made at the Bakery on Scotland Road and distributed to the shops each morning.  They do not use a night shift  – their  bread department start work very early each morning to make sure that Oddies’ bread is the freshest in town.  Savoury products are sent to the shops unbaked and frozen so that each shop then bakes off a selection of savouries throughout the day and the customer gets the opportunity to purchase pies still warm from the oven.  Each shop also has a large selection of fresh cream cakes and other confectionery items to go alongside the sandwiches that each shop prepares in time for the dinner time rush.

The integrity of their products is very important to the Oddie Family who always try to use the best quality ingredients they can alongside the skills of the craft bakers in order to create products that are unique to their business –  for example –  cream savoys, savoury rolls, best white bread.

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