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The Makeup Doctor

The “Beauty Truth”

Makeup Doctor, your go to place for the ‘Beauty Truth’. It is becoming more apparent that when it comes to beauty it’s hard to know who to trust… are you just being ‘sold to’ or is it a ‘paid advertisement’. People often share their opinions on how to apply makeup and which makeup products to use, but this is ‘their’ opinion, not information based on the knowledge of you and your needs.

After her 20 years of experience in driving some of the most successful teams in the industry Rita Parmar created Makeup Doctor. A brand where the regular woman can go and have a ‘tailored experience’, so she can understand her skin and makeup simply. Her only goal is to help you improve your results with makeup but in the same time you already used!

‘Whether you like to wear makeup or not, I don’t believe anybody feels worse by making an effort with their grooming. In fact it gives you more confidence’.

Makeup Doctor provides a variety of services, One to One Coaching, Group Coaching the LIVE events and even Online Coaching something for every busy lady, juggling life and wanting to understand their own makeup.

She guarantees you will ….’See The Difference’ through makeup coaching and also have the confidence to do it for yourself.

Corporate Courses

It can be difficult to get teams to be entirely ‘your brand’ and it can also be difficult to get them to understand the impact they have both internally and externally through their grooming or behaviours. So there is also a range of corporate courses ‘Style Your Personal Brand’ and ‘Be Your Brand’ that are delivered for teams. These provide an insight into branding, how grooming affects sales and your brand, and how to improve personal and brand impact through presentation and organisational behaviours. These are again tailored to the business needs and objectives but allow you to maximise your brand through your people.

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