24th April 2015


Education & Skills for Growth


Inspiring the next generation – from primary to work

The next Bondholder event will highlight the important work which is underway to develop the skills for growth.

Burnley is bucking the national trend on employment growth with jobs growth from 2009 to 2013 standing at 7.1%, against 0.6% in the North West and 2% in Great Britain.

We have some excellent schools and higher educational facilities in Burnley and we are focussed on growing attainment levels just as we have employment growth.

Burnley is a blueprint for education and industry joining forces to create end to end skills for the future, recognising education and skills are vital to the towns growth.

Key speaker: Professor John Perkins, CBE,  leading expert on skills and former Scientific Adviser to the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills.