24th May 2017

Guest speakers from Vodafone presented on future technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has been described as the next industrial revolution, and put simply is the inter-networking of devices to enable them to exchange and collect data. It is transforming lives and business.

New applications of IoT technology are being created all the time with amazing results and it’s all around us right now, whether it’s the smart thermostat in your home driving down your utility bills, or the connected car making your journeys more convenient, many of us already benefit from IoT in our daily lives. We are only just beginning to understand its full potential.

In a recent study, Vodafone found 76 percent of companies believe the IoT to be ‘critical’ to future success.

For those companies who have adopted IoT technologies, 63 percent reported “significant” returns.

The venue was Shuttleworth College.