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Award Categories and Entry Criteria for 2019

Some new categories have joined the awards line-up for 2019. We are excited to be bringing back the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Award as we’ve some great businesses in this field bringing new visitors to Burnley. We’ve also added Growing Business of the Year to the line up for 2019, and a special award sponsored by our Headline Sponsor UCLan is the Burnley Business Leader of the Year Award.

Entry is open to businesses in Burnley and Padiham with 5 employees and above (excluding retail). The exception is the Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism award for which we’ll accept entries from businesses with less than 5 employees.

Here’s the 2019 awards line up.

Small Business of the Year Awards 2019

5-19 & 20-49 employees

ENTRY CRITERIA – Two Small Business awards are open to small businesses employing between (5 -19) and (20-49) employees. The judges will be looking to hear about the company and its main activities, business performance, and what makes them a success. Innovation, great marketing, and potential for future growth are all factors which will be required by the judges. They will be looking for all round excellence in business: commercial success, growth and achievement, innovation, creativity, staff training and development.

Sponsored by Safran

About the Sponsor – Safran Nacelles Ltd is proud to be the largest aerospace employer in Burnley with 750 people employed on our site. As inheritors of Burnley’s outstanding engineering heritage we are determined to play our part in ensuring a legacy of manufacturing excellence that continues to be globally recognised.

We are pleased to sponsor the Small business of the Year award as we are keen to see business in the borough flourish; something which we know starts with the success of our smaller businesses. The innovation and agility which are the cornerstones of the success of a small business are close to our heart, as it is those qualities that also enable us to excel on a global scale.

The Innovation Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award will acknowledge successful innovation within a business. This may be demonstrated in innovative products, services, processes, design, workforce development or technology.

Sponsored by Napthens Solicitors

About the Sponsor – Napthens provides a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Based in the north-west, we deal with clients locally, regionally and nationally, across 6 offices.

In a service based upon relationships, we believe Napthens’ strength is our people. Professional, yet approachable, we provide the level of expertise that you might expect from a major City law firm.

We offer a wide range of legal services covering corporate and commercial, property, employment & HR, licensing, debt recovery, trademarks and intellectual property, dispute management and litigation, rural business, wills, trusts and estate planning and family & divorce.

For more information about Napthens’ range of legal services visit www.napthens.co.uk

One of Napthens’ core values is innovation, therefore sponsoring the Innovation Award made perfect sense.  As we continue to develop a culture of innovation within our own business, we are looking forward to hearing about and celebrating the achievements of companies whose approach to innovation has contributed to their success.

International Business of the Year 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Are your business horizons wider than the UK market? This award will recognise growth in international trade. Your entry should demonstrate a detailed understanding of the target market(s). Judges will be looking for evidence based on the following criteria:

• Evidence of versatility, imagination and persistence in exploiting target markets overseas

• Tactical ability in overcoming obstacles such as bureaucracy and exchange rates

• Evidence of positive sales and market share performance

Open to businesses that are trading internationally – flying the flag for Burnley overseas.

Sponsored by Charter Walk Shopping Centre 

About the Sponsor Charter Walk Shopping Centre is located in the very heart of Burnley with a vast selection of over 80 internationally recognised brands and independent Burnley-based stores. The centre welcomed Primark in 2018 adding to the strong retail mix. The centre has excellent transport links and 760 parking spaces across two car parks making it the perfect choice for local shopping needs. The Centre are thrilled to be sponsoring this 2019’s International Business of the Year Award.

Debbie Hernon, Charter Walk Centre Manager commented ‘Here at the Centre we pride ourselves at being at the heart of the Burnley community and we want to support the local businesses who are going above and beyond to share the brilliance of Burnley on a global scale.’

Manufacturing Excellence Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award is specifically designed to recognise excellence and best practice in Burnley’s strong manufacturing sector – not only in terms of internal operations but also in terms of processes that involve customers and suppliers.

The judges will be looking for evidence based on the following criteria:

• Sales performance and growth prospects

• Product development, manufacturing innovation and the efficient use of technology

• Quality standards and monitoring

• Investment in people and equipment

• Environmental awareness

Sponsored by Taylors Solicitors

About the Sponsor – For more than 25 years Taylors Solicitors has supported manufacturing businesses right across the region. Over that time, we’ve become acutely attuned to their needs, priorities — their successes and challenges. That’s why we are proud to sponsors the Manufacturing Category.  Here at Taylors we are specialists in all aspects of commercial law, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality service through a real understanding of our clients’ needs, business priorities and specific requirements.

Young Employee of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Nominated by their employer, this category is open to a young employee or apprentice who has been employed by the company for up to 2 years and aged 25 or under. The nomination must demonstrate how the individual has had a significant impact on the business and made a personal contribution to a project or business as a whole. This might include career progression, relevant personal or professional qualifications or other training. This person’s company will need to support their entry in this category and confirm the positive impact they have made in their job role and to the overall business or organisation.

Sponsored by Barnfield Construction 

About the sponsor At Barnfield Construction we are passionate about construction and are committed to providing a high quality product, an excellent understanding of client’s requirements and the best possible service.

Barnfield Construction has established a reputation for efficiency, expertise and attention to detail. With a total workforce in excess of 250, almost every aspect of construction and civil engineering work can be undertaken from within our own professional multi-disciplinary team. Barnfield are passionate about developing young employees and are proud to be sponsoring this award.

We have a range of ongoing developments, which are either carried out alone or through the several joint venture companies that have been created with Public and Private sector partners.

Medium Business of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This award is open to a medium sized business (employing between 50 and 250 employees) demonstrating all-round excellence in business, evidence of commercial success, growth, achievement, innovation, creativity, staff development and training, and green initiatives.

Sponsored by Holiday Inn Express Burnley hiexburnley.com

About the Sponsor – We are delighted to be supporting the 2019 Burnley Business Awards. As a small to medium sized business ourselves, we have experienced the benefit from the regeneration and growth of Burnley. We understand the challenges and opportunities in this type of business and are proud and excited to support this award.

The Digital Impact Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Judges are looking for inspirational examples of digital innovation, technological robustness and creative originality in any project undertaken within the last 2 years. This award is open to both digital companies and companies who may not be predominantly digital but are embracing digital technologies and strategies to improve their business. In this category the judges will look for creativity and innovation in the use of digital. Entries can span all kinds of standalone and multichannel programmes, events, experiences and initiatives that have a digital element. The focus is on how the project shows novel thinking or a clever idea in the use of digital or where a problem has been solved in a new way using digital, even where the technology used is no longer considered “new”.

Judges will be looking for details on the performance of the project to the client and the intended audience. Eligible businesses include businesses embracing digital technologies, as well as  software developers and coders, those who provide digital marketing channels, social marketing, SEO operations and digital sales platforms.

Sponsored by the Project Digital Apprenticeship Scheme

About the Sponsor – Project Digital is leading the digital revolution through industry-standard Apprenticeships and training programmes, shaping the workforce of the future demanded by industry. It is a bold collaboration between leading Apprenticeships training provider Themis at Burnley College and sector leader +24 Marketing. Our Apprentices are daring, professional and driven: they are dynamic innovators. They are pioneering the Digital revolution in the North West and delivering digital solutions across all sectors: they are taking control of their future. Our Industry leaders delivering Project Digital training are disruptive and unafraid to challenge the norm.

The Digital Impact Award rewards a business or individual who has recognised that the future is Digital. It acknowledges the brave decisions that have been made and the often intense transformation undertaken to form part of the Digital Revolution. Project Digital is delivering at the dawn of a daring and dynamic generation and is proud to recognise those who share the same drive and innovation.

Business of the Year Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – Open to any business that can demonstrate all round excellence in business, with a clearly defined vision for developing and growing the business in terms of employment and wealth. Judges will be looking for excellence in the following areas: evidence of commercial success; employment growth; financial performance and future objectives; the competitive advantage of the business; specific strategies which have driven business growth and achievement, innovation, creativity, employee engagement, staff development and training; demonstration of environmental improvements and cost savings through resource efficiency, and businesses who can show an active contribution to supporting their local company.

Sponsored by Paradigm Precision paradigmprecision.com

About the Sponsor – Paradigm Precision is a leading manufacturer of complex machined and fabricated components for the aerospace, land-based power generation and marine markets. We operate on a global basis, sponsored by the Carlyle Group and Aero Equity. Paradigm Precision adds value by leveraging the synergy between capital investments, engineering, low-cost manufacturing operations and modern manufacturing methods.

Guided by seasoned leadership, the company’s culture is focused on customer requirements and the principles of LEAN and Six Sigma operations. This cannot be achieved without our main asset our people. We recognise Burnley is an increasingly innovative and exciting place to work with solid future prospectives. We would like to celebrate success of the local businesses and their employees this year and look forward to welcoming new businesses into this enterprising town in the future.

The Employer of the Year Award 2019

This award recognises organisations that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of its employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce. Judges will be looking for:

• Positive leadership and management

• An integrated ethical culture across the company

• A clear human resources policy that creates a stimulating and supportive workplace

• How employees are engaged with company values and strategic goals

Sponsored by Rotherwood Recruitment 

About the Sponsor – Established in 1976, we have grown into one of the most respected recruitment agencies in the region and are one of only 50 companies in the UK that are REC Audited. In fact, we were the 8th agency in the UK to achieve this award.

From traditional recruitment to more complex business requirements, we provide a range of services to help organisations to efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re an employer seeking staff, or an individual looking for a job, we’re here to help. Our business has gone from strength to strength because we’ve built up a reputation for friendly, professional service.

We’re still working with companies that we worked for in 1976, and we’ve placed three generations of one family into jobs. And our own staff show similar staying power in terms of their long-term commitment to being part of the Rotherwood team.

The Apprenticeship Award 2019

ENTRY CRITERIA – This category seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an employers’ commitment to developing their workforce through Apprenticeships. Judges will look for employers who showcase the benefits gained from their on-going commitment to apprenticeships, progression opportunities for apprentices within the business and a commitment to retaining and developing the apprenticeship talent within the business.

Sponsored by Themis

About the Sponsor – Themis at Burnley College produces industry innovators and #futurebosses through its successful Advanced, Higher and Degree Apprenticeships and business training programmes. Our impact and reach is felt across the North West through our proactive collaboration with more than 1,000 employers in over 50 industry areas. Experienced, industry expert Trainers ensure our 1,200-plus ambitious Themis Apprentices have the skills, knowledge and motivation to shape the workforce of today and beyond.

Themis is proud to sponsor this evening’s Apprenticeship Award and acknowledge the commitment shown by Employers in developing their own workforce and training the leaders of tomorrow through Apprenticeships.

Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Award 2019

Entry Criteria entrants for this award should demonstrate their contribution to Burnley’s leisure and  tourism economy for residents or visitors.

We are looking for entrants who help bring in people from the outside the area, and offer reasons for residents to stay and spend here. The judges will be looking for innovative ideas to attract new visitors and customers both externally and internally. This award category is open to hospitality and leisure businesses such as attractions, spas, sports venues, gyms, farms or any other business that attracts people in and out of the borough to visit; and hotels, events venues, pubs, bars and restaurants. Judges are looking for a stand-out leisure business that can demonstrate a strong business model, excellent customer service and/or innovation in the workplace.

Sponsored by Mint Business Travel 

About the Sponsor – Mint Business Travel provides a managed travel service to businesses throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester. We provide an end to end service from a taxi taking you from your home to the airport to sourcing and booking your hotel of choice in the UK or abroad.

We have access to over 400 suppliers of travel services including all of the major airlines and over 500 thousand hotels worldwide with 150 thousand of those in the UK alone.

We remove the hassle of booking your business travel and save you time & money and keeping you safe when you travel by the use of a traveller tracking mobile ‘Itinerary App’

Growing Business of the Year Award 2019

Entry Criteria – Open to a small, medium or large business who can demonstrate significant growth in the past two years in one or more of the following areas: growth in turnover, growth in profit, growth through diversification.

Sponsored by Forbes Solicitors

About the sponsor – Forbes Solicitors is an award winning Lancashire law firm.  We are the one of largest practice in the North outside the major cities and have 6 offices in Lancashire with another two in Manchester and Leeds.  From our offices across the North our experts cover all areas oflegal advice from Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Property, Employment & Debt Recovery to Dispute Resolution & Insolvency.  We also have strong private client teams too,  ensuring all your legal needs  are covered.

We have been providing Legal Advice to businesses in Burnley for over two decades but are particularly proud to have been legal advisors to Burnley Football Club now for over 15 years and Calico for over 10 years.

Burnley Business Leader of the Year Award

ENTRY CRITERIA The Business Leader of the Year Award will recognise individuals who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business thinking, have contributed to driving Burnley’s economy, and are regarded as leaders in their field. This Award also acknowledges and celebrates the personal and generous contributions by a Business Person and the difference their involvement makes to the local community. Individuals nominated for this category can be self-employed or employed by a business.

The general public and business community are welcome to nominate a person they think is deserving of this prestigious Award.

The judges will consider:

  • The nature and extent of the personal contribution by the nominee to the Burnley business community
  • The nature and extent of the personal contribution by the nominee to the community at large
  • Demonstrated ability to overcome challenges
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • The impact of their role

Sponsored by UCLAN Burnley  

About the Headline Sponsor – With ambitious plans to generate a ten-fold increase in the number of university students studying at its Burnley campus by 2025, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is delighted and proud to be the headline sponsor of the Burnley Business Awards 2019.

Meeting the existing and emerging skills’ needs of Burnley and East Lancashire is a major priority for the University. Its exciting blueprint for the region, to be delivered through its campuses at both Princess Way and now Victoria Mill, will see an increase in the number of Burnley-based students from under 400 to 2,000 by 2021 and up to 4,000 by 2025.

To achieve its vision, the University is working alongside local employers to create a wide range of new degree and apprenticeship programmes in areas such as engineering, digital media and healthcare. Working with key partner Burnley Borough Council, investment into infrastructure, such as purpose-built student accommodation, will kickstart the develop of a vibrant university community and centre of educational excellence.

By marrying its educational ambitions with student aspirations, UCLan is committed to working in collaboration with other strategic partners including East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Burnley Football Club and the Burnley Bondholders group of influential local business leaders, driving further prosperity for Burnley and providing young people with the skills needed to flourish in both local and global economies.