Your next connection will be the right connection. Whether you’re looking for your next home or business location, Burnley has everything you need.  Excellent transport links, beautiful countryside, history and heritage, and world class businesses.  Take a look below at what we have to offer.


Take a walk in the country, relax in the spa or do something a little more active in Burnley.


The energy of the Burnley Bondholder scheme is helping spread Burnley's message and changing perceptions far and wide. This has increased confidence in the area and encouraged investment. bondholders are...

Burnley by Day

From heritage properties to outdoor activities, browse what Burnley has to offer.

Key Developments

Burnley offers over 100 acres of prime development opportunity. Development is being driven forward to attract new investment by huge infrastructure projects supporting new businesses. Burnley works together with a range...

Property in Burnley

A wide range of property types are available, from modern apartments to country and village properties.  Burnley offers superb quality housing with excellent value for money, giving you a real...

Well Connected

Burnley is positioned in an excellent location, with a superb network of connectivity links by road, rail air, and sea. Companies based in Burnley are in easy reach of suppliers...