What They Say

“We were extremely impressed, most especially with the fact that there was a good link and rapport between the different departments that would be involved in a development like this.  Having dealt with several Local Authorities in the past it was extremely reassuring to find one that does things properly” Operations Manager, Castlewick Developments


“I have to say your approach and attitude for a Local Authority is ‘refreshing’ and absolutely conducive to attracting investment. I am sure several larger Local authorities in the region could learn a lot from the approach taken in Burnley.” MD, Rothstone


“If every other part of Britain was like Burnley we wouldn’t be talking about a recession.” Former Business Minister, Vince Cable  (Date)


“Working with Burnley Council on this project has been extremely refreshing. Their openness have given us great confidence to invest in the area.” James Chapman, MD, Eshton Ltd


“I love coming to Burnley. The people are great to work with and they’ve not got a bad football team!” Bob Tattrie, MD, Trebor Development


“Burnley is the most enterprising place in the UK and with all the investment in the town and surrounding area, who knows where we’ll find ourselves in the next few years.” Tim Weber, MD, Barnfield Construction


“We can compete on a level playing field with anywhere else in the world from Burnley, the MEA award is making people sit up and take notice, wanting to see what we’ve got. So far it’s been a well-kept secret, but I think the word is getting out.” Mark Crabtree, OBE, MD, AMS Neve


“Burnley has a tremendous reputation for getting things done and this has been possible through the quality of the relationship between the public and private sector. Another thing that really excites me about Burnley is the way in which Innovation Drive has been born out of the former Michelin site within the period of a year.” Edwin Booth, Chair, Lancashire LEP


“Burnley has indeed a strong package to offer investors. It has a proactive and supportive business environment, a good infrastructure and highly skilled workforce.” Rt Hon Michael Fallon, Minister of State for Business & Energy


“Burnley, a first-time buyer’s Shangri-la” Sunday Times


“I was blown away by the deep pride that all the businesses and individuals had in being from Burnley – what a fabulous asset and resource that is to work with.” Chief Executive, Lancashire County Council


“I certainly congratulate businesses large and small in Burnley for the enterprise they have shown. The fact about this recovery is it is a private sector led recovery.” Former Prime Minister, David Cameron


“Burnley is booming economically on the back of manufacturing and the aerospace industry.” Former Business Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Vince Cable


“Burnley should focus on its world class aerospace, digital, innovation and freight distributions strengths.” Sir Howard Bernstein


“To grow above the regional trend, a town needs to yoke itself to an economic sector that is growing above trend. Look at Burnley for instance, which has allied itself to the aerospace supply chain sector, and is now doing well.” Simon Bedford, Deloitte


“Lancashire town’s busy factories buck the trend.” Financial Times


Burnley Named Best Place to Make a Living “This research shows us the true financial-health of an area, and that a town which offers high-paying jobs and expensive restaurants won’t necessarily be the best place to make a living.” Total Money.com


“Burnley  a top 5 North West town with everything it takes to become a Boom Town. “Burnley is ranked in the UK’s top 10 for private sector jobs growth, and Experian says it has the best growth prospects in Lancashire. A new rail link to Manchester will yoke the town into the Northern Powerhouse.” Estates Gazette Analyst,  David Thames