Singing Ringing Tree

One of the most iconic artworks in Lancashire, the fascinating ‘Singing Ringing Tree’ at Crown Point high on the moors above  Burnley is one of four Panopticons, part of a project across East Lancashire led by Mid Pennine Arts.

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Designed by architects Tonkin-Liu the sculpture resembles a windblown tree; it is constructed from scaffolding poles welded together in concentric circles, the pipes having been tuned to emit a melodious hum as the wind blows through them.

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The splendid views over the town to the hills beyond make a  visit for a closer inspection of this amazing artwork an absolute must. The sculpture is only a short walk from the carpark and picnic area but if you enjoy  longer walks then the best  route is the Wayside Arts Trail from Towneley Park; follow its carved Lancashire oak marker posts and bricks including a brick kiln by artist Julie Miles to take  a closer look at this incredible landmark.

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It is obvious that there is something about Burnley that is attractive to award-winning architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu because they have now returned to design Burnley’s latest public artwork the Rain Bow Gate. Located at the heart of Burnley’s new Knowledge quarter, the design is a bow structure that integrates glass prisms to capture light and create rainbows, evoking a sence of wonder.