Wild About Burnley

Children and animals seem to be drawn together and at an early age most are fascinated with the wild life around them from mini beasts living under rocks to the mammals that can be seen in the countryside, parks and gardens.

A brand new natural history gallery will be opening in Towneley Hall where everyone can come along to get up close and personal with Burnley’s wildlife.

This fascinating ‘Wild About Burnley’ exhibition focusses on the natural world around Burnley and includes creatures from the halls historic wildlife collection, live cameras in bird boxes and feeders, The chance to find out about life on the River Calder.

Take a look at life underground, ‘The Burrowers’ display reveals some of the secrets of the badger, the mole and the rabbit – see what life beneath your feet is like, what do they do, where do they sleep, how do they make their homes and what do they eat. You will find the answers to all these questions and many more as you explore their secret world.

See wildlife in its natural habitat across Burnley from parkland to wild moorland. The fascinating cabinet displays may show the sparrowhawk and its prey, a barn owl hunting and the red fox with his bushy tail hunting for food.
Learn more about conservation in the area and see what birds and animals have been lost and what animals have been gained.

And there is going to be lots of wildlife based interactive play for young people and even adults if they want to join in. Find out where our wildlife lives, learn about their life-cycles or try their hand at pond dipping. Learn how to make bird and insect boxes and find out what we can do to help our local birds and insects particularly our native black bees in the hives at Offshoots in Towneley’s walled garden.

Everyone can learn to identify our native wildlife; it’s really not that hard. The galleries ID panels will help and the recordings of bird song and mammal calls will make a walk in the countryside much more interesting as you identify the birds that sing together in the dawn chorus or the sounds of the summer meadow. Don’t forget to have a go at the birdsong quiz before you leave though, just to make sure you’ve got it right.

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