Weavers’ Triangle

What is the Weavers’ Triangle?

Weavers’ Triangle is the name given to an area of unique canal side heritage along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal located at the heart of Burnley. It’s an area widely recognised as one of the most important Victorian industrial districts in the North West. Which was leading the world in cotton weaving in the 19th Century. It includes a range of assets particularly buildings of important historic heritage on the canal side.

The vision for the Weavers’ Triangle is:

a dynamic mixed use area capitalising on the area’s unique heritage but including the best of contemporary design that plays a full role in accelerating the renaissance of Burnley town centre

Weavers’ Triangle Masterplan – Burnley’s shared vision for Waterside Regeneration

Town and city living is evolving and our partners share a belief and vision for a waterside regeneration in Burnley’s Weavers’ Triangle, a key gateway to the heart of Pennine Lancashire, an opportunity to create great places to live, work and plan in, and, at the same time, make the most of our natural waterside environment for everyone’s enjoyment.

A creative and quality environment will ensure that innovative and successful people can be based here, creating an area of business, enterprise, heritage, tourism, culture and leisure which stands out in the region and beyond, attracting new people and investors drawn by Burnley’s proximity to Manchester; its airports and transport links.

The Regeneration results for Burnley

The Masterplan proposals suggest the following outcomes would be achieved by as estimated investment by the public sector of £51mil over 15 years at least:

  • Private Sector Investment: £213mil
  • Jobs created/safeguarded:  4.763
  • New businesses created/attracted: 195
  • New/redundant floor space brought back into use: 135,405 sqm
  • Number of new residential dwellings: 313

While Manchester was the heart and Liverpool the lungs of the Industrial RevolutionLancashire was the Muscle and should not be embarrassed to remember how it created the world.