Accessibility should be easy to use for everyone. 

We create content to meet the accessibility standards outlined in this statement. All content we create is compatible with assistive technology. 

View the site your way 

You can change the colours, contrast levels, font styles and magnify the page to 300% or more without the text spilling off the screen. 


Navigate by headings 

Our headings are all logically ordered. Use browser plugins or assistive technology such as screen readers to list the headings and subheadings in the page and go straight to the heading you need. 

Navigate by links 

Users of assistive technology such as screen readers can get a list of all the links on a page and understand their purpose from the link text. 

Navigate by keyboard 

Users navigating by keyboard can see the currently focused-on interactive element, such as links and form fields through a high contrast highlighted outline. 

When navigating with a keyboard you will find the option to ‘skip to main content’ at the top of every page. 

Listening to content 

Use text to speech browser plugins or assistive technology to listen to content you select with the mouse or keyboard. 

Screen reader users can both listen to the content and navigate around through the site pages and menus. 

Using different devices 

You can use our website on a wide range of different devices. This offers you a variety of compatible assistive technologies. 

My Computer My Way (MCMW) offer guides to using assistive technologies to use websites with a range of devices. 

Web standards 

Our website is developed using valid HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to the standards laid out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). We strive to sustain Level AA standard. 

The website content works with assistive technologies that visitors might use. For example, screen readers or text only browsers. 

Third party content 

Links to other websites 

We link to other websites that may offer benefit to our users. This may include: 

  • Burnley Bondholders
  • Places of interest, recreation and leisure, such as bars, restaurants and hotels.
  • Educational facilities.

We are not responsible for the accessibility of these or any other websites we do not manage.

Content created by us on third party platforms 

We often create content which is hosted on third party platforms. This includes social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. 

We are responsible for ensuring the content we supply meets accessibility requirements; however, we are not responsible for the accessibility of the platform itself. 

Contacting us and what happens next 

Please contact us if you have any problems with accessing our content; be as specific and detailed as you can. Please also tell us what you like and find useful. 

Last update 

This statement was last updated on 25 September 2020. We update this statement annually and will review it in September 2021.