Bellyflop TV Increasing Sales & Conversions After Covid-19 With Testimonials

Levelling the playing field In a post-lockdown world between small and large businesses, with a simple solution utilising the worlds second largest search engine.

Bellyflop has launched a brand new platform to create video testimonials, reviews and case studies quickly and easily and at low cost meaning that businesses can now create cost effective video to promote their product using YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine.

The Bellyflop Video platform will allow businesses to request video testimonials from their clients using a simple form. The client will then receive an email and they record a short response using their smartphone, tablet or webcam and click submit. The clip is then processed to produce a client testimonial featuring the business brand which can then be downloaded and used across social media platforms, websites, emails and client presentations, in fact anywhere where clients are seeking information about your product or service.

Operations Director Mark Robinson

Operations Director Mark Robinson, of Bellyflop said : ‘We’re delighted to launch this service now, we believe it will be extremely useful in helping businesses rejuvenate as lockdown lifts. We are aware of statistics that 92% of people read reviews before purchasing and 88% of people trust online reviews as much as those of family or friends. The current statistics from ChannelAdvisor and Dynata show that two in five UK shoppers say that they will make more frequent online purchases once lockdown ends so now is a perfect time to launch.

We’ve been creating non broadcast video content since 2008 and have seen a huge shift in that time from those who thought video was a fad to now, where most of us carry a portable video recorder in the form of a smartphone in our pockets and we aren’t afraid to use them. We have always encouraged clients to utilise the technology available to them wherever possible to deliver content with immediacy to their audience, much to the surprise of some customers. We want our clients to embrace video and our mission to make video affordable, achievable and accessible to all reflects this’.

Managing Director Jonathan Robinson

Managing Director Jonathan Robinson said, “I have been passionate about video and have worked in broadcast and non broadcast production for over thirty years. I’ve witnessed a huge growth in video but I feel this will help make video even more accessible for small business. It will level the playing filed between Startup’s, SME’s and larger organisations with huge marketing budgets.

We are still continuing with our other video production services and have been supporting several charities and healthcare providers communicate their Covid-19 messages but look forward to when we will be back to filming business profiles, events and conferences’.

Further information is available online at https://www.bellyflop.tv/bellyflop-video/ and throughout June Bellyflop are offering a 10% discount. Just checkout and use promotion code: Launch10