FloControl was established in 2009 to supply hydronic solutions, which provide superior environmental comfort whilst reducing the risk and capital, installation, commissioning and running cost of heating and cooling systems as well as reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

Building on over 10 years of experience of successfully delivering highly engineered, bespoke hydronic solutions to the most prestigious UK building services projects, FloControl offers an integrated approach to hydronic systems.


We work with consultants and D&B teams helping them design practical solutions that work well in the larger context of the building, using our extensive technology, solution design, prefabrication and application knowledge gained from the supply side. We support consultants and contractors with technical documentation, design drawings, Revit files, training, and specifications, helping to saving time.


Committed to providing energy efficient hydronic solutions, we incorporate the most innovative products for all applications. We develop bespoke solutions based on our up-to-date application know-how. In our modern facility in Vision Park in Burnley, we stock component parts and prefabricate a varied range of valve sets for FCUs, AHUs, risers, plant rooms and EOL applications. For ease of installation, all of our valve sets are tested individually, labelled, packed, and assigned to the destination terminal unit or position in the hydronic system.

Moreover, FloControl offers a wide selection of General and Domestic valves and accessories from stock, relevant to the requirements of Building Services projects.


Putting a system to work, often under great time pressure, is a challenging task. FloControl offers training for installers and commissioning engineers, diagnostics & trouble shooting as well as remedial solutions to help contractors, installers, commissioning, and maintenance engineers meet their deadlines.

In everything we do we strive to provide exceptional service, flexibility, quick turnaround, and availability – a one stop shop for hydronic system integration.

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