At Handelsbanken we have steadily built a strong base of both business and personal customers to whom we are able to offer the full range of banking services. As we take on more and more local customers word is spreading across our area that there is an alternative, with a different approach, to the usual high street banks.

Our model is based on locally based people delivering a very high level customer service, call centres are not involved, for us the branch is key and everything is focused via the local branch. Our customers deal with their manager face to face or over direct line phones.

We have the ability to react quickly to situations and make informed lending decisions within the branch, tailoring our banking services to each customer and their requirements. At times we draw comparisons to how banking was 30 years ago, where customers banked at their local branch, knew the staff and were able to get a quick response to their needs.

A warm welcome awaits you when you visit our office and you are able to sit down and discuss your financial needs over a coffee in comfortable and private surroundings.

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