Smile Mediation Ltd

Mediation – Getting people to talk to each other again.

Smile is a volunteer led mediation service working in partnership with a range of organisations to provide mediation and initial assessments as a tool to resolve family conflict, workplace disputes, neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour. Smile also delivers conflict resolution and mediation skills training approved by the College of Mediators.

Conflict is bad for your health and wellbeing – over 70% of people say that their health and wellbeing improved following mediation.

 Mediation is a difficult choice for people; they are being asked to have conversations that they do not necessarily want to have but that they need to have in order to move forward. Mediation models good communication skills and helps people taking part in the process to ‘practice’ different ways of dealing with conflict. It is a structured process whereby the mediators (independent and impartial third parties) facilitate a confidential discussion and help people to talk about their concerns and then work through each issue encouraging the parties to negotiate and compromise until they reach their own solution. Mediators will never impose suggestions or problem solve on behalf of the people involved in the dispute.

When people agree to meet face to face over 90% will make an agreement about their future relationship.



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