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Jacqueline Woodland

Jacqueline is a versatile, talented and highly motivated individual, with over 14 years’ service within 2 Departments of the Civil Service, the Private Sector and the Business Immigration Community.  Jacqueline is experienced in global mobility immigration, migration administration; and the associated issues from start to finish, with direct corporate/business immigration experience.

Jacqueline  is a resourceful leader and skilled communicator, accustomed to working in high pressure, fast moving environments.  Jacqueline combines an analytical approach to problem solving with organisational flair and flexibility and have a proven track record of producing consistent and excellent results.

Where we stand…..

Jacqueline, as Woodland Assist is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and bound by the Commissioners Code of Standards’. All OISC regulated organisations must have current and adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). No organisation can be part of the regulatory scheme if it doesn’t have PII. Codes 67-69 of the commissioner’s code of standards

Registration No – F201200476

Making a difference…

By thinking differently about support Woodland Assist has pioneered an innovative support system, which will deliver reduced costs and increased performance across a number of major programmes and projects for our clients.

Woodland Assist is able to provide a wide selection of consultative and specialist administrative support services at very competitive rates using the expertise of staff that have a wealth of experience and the compassion required to support each applicant through the complex process of global mobility.

Woodland Assist offers support that:

  • provides a dedicated personnel service
  • provides exceptional professional compliance training
  • provides experienced Global Mobility consultancy
  • has first-hand experience on business development
  • provides reliable case working support

Whatever service you require from Woodland Assist we will ensure we provide you with a very competitive rate, a clear description of the service we will provide and a personal assurance that we will deal with all aspects of this work in the utmost professional manner.

Jacqueline is a Director of 2 other new businesses, to Burnley in 2017.

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