Burnley Textile designer Becca Who inspired by Lancashire’s Nature and Landscapes

Lancashire’s nature and stunning landscapes inspire emerging Burnley textile designer’s exquisite clothing and accessories range

Talented Burnley artist and textile designer Becky Shaw, designs exquisite clothing and accessories for her Becca Who range, which is in demand across the globe.

Becky’s Becca Who collection is inspired by her deep love of Lancashire’s landscapes, nature, history and folklore, which can be seen in her creative distinctive hand drawn pieces.

BeccaWho@Towneley_Burnley Magazine 2018_(7/2/18)

Becky has been passionately creative since the sunny days of her elaborate chalk drawings on the pavement as a little girl at the age of 4 – and is now creating luxury clothing, accessories and homewares using delicate fabrics such as fine silks and velvets which are featured by a number of UK Style Bloggers.

Becky says: “I am immensely lucky that my home studio in Burnley is surrounded by vast wild countryside, rolling hills and breath-taking skies. Much of my creative inspiration comes from being outdoors in this beautifully wild landscape, sprawling woods and barren moorland – areas that I have loved to explore since childhood – a landscape steeped in Gothic history and Folklore.

“I studied a wide range of aspects of Art & Design at College, including Fashion & Textiles. My higher education was specialised in design which I studied in Manchester, where I also spent an awful lot of my days inside amazing little vintage recycled clothing boutiques or browsing the eclectic street styles in fashion, which really influenced my design, taking inspiration from several era’s – I love browsing in vintage shops.”

“My artwork tends to begin life as hand drawn ink work on paper, often then being scanned, before I work digitally to add colour. I take inspiration from my total love of nature, wildlife and Botanics – with just a dash of Surrealism.

“My focus since the beginning of Becca Who has been on square silk scarves, as they are an ideal way to showcase artwork – and a timeless accessory that, without the need for any sizing, makes them the perfect special gift.”

Adding: “Art & Design has forever captivated me and I am grateful every day for the chances to create! I sell my unique art prints, silk scarves, accessories and homewares – and I am always happy to receive commissions for custom work.”

“My customers are across Europe, Australia and the USA with several orders coming from California. I have as many worldwide customers as I have in the UK and love knowing my scarves and accessories are worn across the world – international customers love the #MadeinBritain brand.

BeccaWho@Towneley_Burnley Magazine 2018_(7/2/18)

“I’ve also recently designed for a large homewares company, creating designs for bedding and wallpaper and I’m looking to expand that side of the business too. I am excited to be diversifying into new products and I am currently designing a range of ladies’ Kimonos.”

All of Becky’s designs begin with artwork which is hand drawn in ink on paper, before she adds colour and turns it into textile design for high quality digital printing onto luxury fabrics for people to love!

Becky recently had a photoshoot for her range in Burnley’s stunning Towneley Hall, as the historic hall, its grounds and its many museum collections have influenced many of Becca’s designs.

To see the full Becca Who collection at www.beccawho.com