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FUNDA book launched on Amazon

“Children from Burnley are more resilient than anywhere in the UK, they can unlock their full potential and should be proud to be from the town,” Kieran Fletcher, FUNDA

  • Kieran Fletcher set up FUNDA physical education, children’s activity and childcare provider 16 years ago;
  • He admits he “didn’t fit in at school” due to being dyslexic and not wanting to take the traditional academic route. He was spurred to set up his award-winning business to work alongside children to improve their physical and mental health, as well as to boost their confidence that they can be whatever they want to be;
  • Following the publication of his latest book, Kieran is offering families who take part in his five-day Christmas challenge the chance to win a holiday to a luxury villa in Spain.

Award-winning Burnley entrepreneur Kieran Fletcher, the founder of FUNDA, is giving the chance for families to win a holiday to a luxury villa in Menorca, following the publication of his latest book FUNDA Greatness: How to unlock your child’s full potential.

The book is for kids and has over 170 activities inside for children to complete to help support their personal development, education, health, wellbeing and future ambitions.

Speaking to Burnley.co.uk, Kieran told us that 2020 has had a huge impact on children, both mentally and physically, and he wanted to do something about it and use all his team’s experience, knowledge, tools and resources to give something back after a tough year.

He said: “Our children have experienced reduced social interaction, particularly during the first lockdown, as well as an impact on their mental health and physical wellbeing. They’ve been in and out of school, missed their regular activity classes, their education has been interrupted and I’m concerned about the issue of childhood obesity too. It’s not been easy for parents and carers either, they’re struggling to find activities to entertain their children from home, especially throughout the winter.

“But what I firmly believe is that children from Burnley are more resilient. In the north, we can often be last to receive things, so towns like Burnley are used to just getting on with it. ‘Burnley Is My Happy Place’. We can all see that resilient attitude on I’m a Celebrity at the moment with Jordan North. He’s facing his fears and has the positive mindset to get on with the job at hand and that’s the mindset I’d love to see from children and families across the town.”

Putting it all in a book

Kieran told us that he has always wanted to pull together all of his knowledge, activities, skills, positive mindset and experience into the book, which was recently published by Nielsen. He wants to encourage children that they can be whatever they want to be and help them understand that mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

“I didn’t fit in at school, I’m dyslexic, and felt there was a lot of pressure on students to go down the degree route to land a job role like a doctor, nurse, lawyer etc. That’s great for some people, but not all. I believe that entrepreneurs have an amazing opportunity to bring change. It’ll happen because we are crazy enough to risk everything to try and make the dream become reality. Children from Burnley can do anything and should be proud to come from the town. Our town has lots of entrepreneurs and many children may go on to create something that can change lives.”

FUNDA Greatness: How to unlock your child’s full potential is aimed at 4-8-year olds and contains over 170 activities. Kieran plans to write more books in the FUNDA Greatness series for junior-aged and high school children.

So, what spurred Kieran to give away a holiday and how can families enter?

Like many self-employed people, Kieran saw first-hand the effects of COVID-19, with the majority of his work based in schools and providing cost-effective childcare all year round. He’s passionate about encouraging and working with children and knows how difficult this year has been for families.

In order to take part in the 5-Day FUNDA Greatness Challenge starting on the 18th December, visit www.FUNDAgreatness.com/challenge for more information, see the rules and register your free place.

We wish him all the best with his new book and good luck to all of the families who enter!