Primary school class sit behind multiple peices of equipment

Mann & Hummel Promote Life Skills at Cherry Fold Primary School

Burnley based manufacturing company, Mann & Hummel have proudly donated a Problem Solving Box to Cherry Fold Primary School in the town. The Problem Solving Box, which has been created by Outdoor Elements contains 32 problem solving challenges that are designed to help young people:

* To gain confidence in their ability to make good decisions

* To enhance creative thinking which allows the generation of new ideas, the ability to experiment and a willingness to take risks

* To learn how to logically think a problem through, which will reduce impulsive decision making

* To work as part of a team and recognise different individuals’ strengths

Mann & Hummel are members of Burnley’s Bondholder Scheme which brings together organisations that have the passion, drive and commitment to champion Burnley. Bondholders pledge to do this either financially or through in-kind support.

Mann & Hummel have sponsored and donated the Outdoor Elements Problem Solving Box because they understand that solving problems is a necessary part of life; both in everyday life and in business. Having a team of people who can logically work through problems allows for greater productivity, increased confidence and stronger teams. Joanne Koval, HR Officer of MANN+HUMMEL says “Establishing these skills at an early age can have a lasting impact. We want the young people of Burnley to thrive both in their education and life in general. There are many great job opportunities in Burnley and we wanted to support Cherry Fold Primary School in their role of developing the young people to be great employees of Burnley businesses in the future.”

Following a presentation of the box during a school assembly, Outdoor Elements gave a training session to teaching staff to show how the box can be used effectively. “We are delighted to have been chosen by Mann & Hummel for their generous donation. The problem solving resources will be used as part of our enrichment programme to develop skills such as communication, leadership, listening and patience” says Helen Smith, Assistant Headteacher, at Cherry Fold Primary School.

The problem Solving Box is a complete kit to facilitate problem solving activities for 1 to 100+ people. It is provided with briefing cards for each task and facilitation guidelines on how to run a problem solving session. The tasks can be presented in different ways to cater for ages 5 to adult in both indoor and outdoor settings. A number of groups can work simultaneously rotating around the tasks. The tasks can be revisited and used as a tool to measure progression of a group’s team work skills. Full ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions are available.

If you are interested in becoming a Burnley Bondholder please visit https://burnley.co.uk/bondholders/

If you are interested in donating a Problem Solving Box to your local school please visit https://outdoorelements.co.uk/team-building/problem-solving-box/