Primary school pupils inspired to become active thanks to expert tuition from Fitness Evolution staff

Fitness Evolution – the award-winning gym at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre – is leading the way in the UK, spreading the message that fitness is fun to primary school children across East Lancashire.

Personal trainers and expert fitness instructors at the popular, high-tech gym are delivering fitness sessions to hundreds of primary school children in more than 50 schools in Pendle, Burnley, Hyndburn and Rossendale in a pioneering programme to encourage a love of fitness at a young age.

Ashley Alderson, manager of Fitness Evolution, said:

“We’re the first in the UK to be delivering this primary schools’ fitness initiative which encourages children to develop habits that will last a lifetime and find a fitness activity that suits them. Our sessions are very inclusive – there’s something to suit every taste and no one is left on the sidelines: we have the specialist skills at Fitness Evolution to ensure that every single child can find something to do, including those facing barriers to staying active. We are IFI accredited – which means this is an inclusive fitness initiative.”

The fitness programme has been launched with the support of specialist sports makers in Burnley and Pendle schools Helen Tyson and Fiona Callaghan. From a start with a handful of schools in Pendle, this year has seen the programme taken up across East Lancashire and Fitness Evolution enrolling primary school teachers on a Level I fitness course so they can continue the great work Fitness Evolutiion trainers have started. They will study anatomy and nutrition, as well as how to plan and deliver fitness sessions.

Ashley Alderson added:

“We’re proud to be fitness ambassadors at Fitness Evolution, spreading the message that everyone can stay active. Staying fit and active is important for young people: every student at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre is entitled to a free session at the gym; can take part in one of our many classes and is eligible for discounted membership. Plus, we have the successful Academy of Sport and Elite Athlete programmes for students who are as passionate about their sport as they are their studies and, of course, we have lunchtime activities for those who want to let off some steam.

“We hope the primary school pupils we’re encouraging today through dance, Boxercise, Boogie Bounce, Commandos, Pound or Glow For It will be the fitness fans we welcome at Fitness Evolution in years to come – and perhaps even one of the UK’s top athletes. Picking up the fitness habit at such a young age could change their lives.”