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Taking the FUNDA message to Saudi Arabia and Dubai

If you are a parent or carer in Burnley, chances are you’ve come across FUNDA. FUNDA is a children’s activity, childcare and PE provider with a twist, supporting the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of young people.

And if you’ve ever met Kieran Fletcher, the founder and creative director of FUNDA, you can’t help but notice his infectious enthusiasm for empowering children.

“We’ve launched a recovery curriculum and provision in schools to help children bounce back and recover from the past 15 months. They’ve missed out on so many skills and experience during this time and we’re passionate about supporting teachers’ wellbeing and providing professional development/ wellbeing opportunities too. They can use the FUNDA ZONE, which is like Netflix for teachers/parents. Also, all the staff at FUNDA are OFSTED registered, so we can help cover PE, PPA, teacher cover, PSHE and pastoral care in schools when they need that extra bit of support. FUNDA can even show schools how to get their provision funded next academic year, we are also open to all Burnley Bondholders interested in collaborating to empower children’s lives and raise aspirations,” Kieran told Burnley.co.uk.

Such is the popularity of FUNDA, that its summer camps across ten locations in the north west are almost fully booked. The Burnley one is 8am-6pm at Burnley College and will run from 19th July to 27th August for children aged 4 to 12. You can find out more about the summer camps here.

“We’ve ran throughout the pandemic, which we know parents and carers who worked throughout were incredibly grateful for. And we’re especially proud of the fact that during all of this time, there’s only ever been one positive COVID case of a child who attended our sessions and that was at the end of summer 2020. We make sure everything is run as safely as possible and we’re so pleased that we’ve only had that one experience, thanks to all my team.” Kieran explained.

From Burnley to Saudi Arabia and Dubai

FUNDA has taken the north west by storm, with plans for 120 schools to soon be signed up to them. But now the team are ready to take their wellbeing message further afield.

Kieran hopes to fly out to Saudi Arabia and Dubai later on in the year as there are some schools there who have taken up the FUNDA offering. The FUNDA Active For Life curriculum isn’t sports specific. Kieran says “sport does not inspire all children in school PE, FUNDA inspires all children whilst getting them active for a lifetime, supporting their physical, emotional, social wellbeing, health and fitness whilst teaching them the transferable skills needed for school, home and life.”

 It certainly is exciting that a Burnley-born business is making waves further afield.

However, FUNDA is still very much focused on local children. They’re partnering with the government and the local authority delivering the Holiday Activities and Food Programme, which is providing £200 million to local authorities to provide free holiday provision, activities and healthy food targeted at children who are eligible for and receiving benefits-related free school meals.. Free funded childcare places for this summer can be found here.

The team have also been travelling around local schools with a 100ft inflatable as part of their “bounce back and recovery from COVID” mission.

“The children have absolutely loved it – and the teachers have been getting involved too. It’s quite the sight – 100ft equates to nine elephants stood side by side, or the size of a blue whale. We’ve been doing these days for free and would encourage any schools who want to take part to get in touch and book now for next academic year,” Kieran said.

It looks and sounds fantastic – do you think Kieran will let the Burnley.co.uk and burnley.social team have a go!?