5 minutes with CoolKit

CoolKit Ltd offers a wide range of fridge van conversions and ready-converted refrigerated vans. Their refrigerated vehicle conversions are renowned for their light weight, durability, versatility and strength – attributes which provide customers with the highest payload and most reliable service throughout the vehicle lifetime.

We spent 5 minutes with Rupert Gatty, the CEO and founder of CoolKit Ltd, to see what he had to say about business in Burnley.

1) 3 words to describe your business

Listening, innovating, and improving.

2) Why do you like being based in Burnley?

It’s geometrically in the centre of the UK, it’s in the middle of a huge catchment area for personnel and has easy accessibility to numerous areas of outstanding natural beauty!

3) Your favourite business in Burnley (aside from your own)?

You can’t help but admire the boldness of the investments that have gone into Crow Wood; well done Andrew Brown.

4) Your favorite thing to do in Burnley?

To visit the Bob Lord Stand for a Burnley FC home fixture, or golf at Towneley Golf Club.

5) What’s the most unusual request you have had from a customer?

To build a 21st century milk float for Simon Mellin, the Modern Milkman of Colne.

6) How have you adapted during the COVID-19 situation?

By relaunching a website to focus on wider markets than our traditional ones as as well as improving our systems to facilitate home working for the first time. And obviously by monitoring health of all staff and visitors, upholding social distancing and hygienic best practice.

7) Words of advice for people considering starting up their own business?

Sense check your idea to make sure it’s a viable opportunity that can be easily  differentiated from any competition. But do it today, and do something you know anything about. Remember that being effective is more important than being efficient, and to be quick but never hasty.

8) What made you start your own business?

The opportunity to change a failed business into a growing and successful one, and proving doubters wrong in the process.