Evolve Military College Selected for VE Day 75 Souvenir Book

A Burnley business has been selected to appear in a prestigious souvenir coffee-table book,published to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

Evolve Military College are featured in “VE Day 75” which has been compiled by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, and is offered to the nation free of charge.

Written by experts including the royal correspondent Robert Jobson, VE Day 75 is a beautifully presented publication that tells the in-depth story of Victory in Europe Day. Featuring a wide selection of photographs from the day itself, the book documents the extraordinary events of 8 May 1945, honours those involved and reflects on how this victory has impacted on British society – right up to the present day.

Evolve Military College bridges the gap between young people leaving traditional education and starting military training with centres in Bury, Burnley, Blackpool and Wigan. Staffed entirely by former military personnel, it provides a robust, free of charge course lasting up to 26 weeks, to give 16-24 year olds the foundations and basic skills required a military career. An alternative route to higher education, it embraces military values and standards and covers a range of units including Military Knowledge, Fitness and Mental Strength and various Qualifications. Managing Director Andrew Emmett said:

“We were blown away when we were asked to feature in this commemorative book in recognition for the services we offer to young people who dream of joining the armed forces.

“The 75th anniversary is hugely poignant for anyone with a military background and it is the highest honour to be included”.

Lieutenant General Sir Andrew Gregory, Chief Executive of SSAFA, said:

“Dealing with COVID-19 is again testing the resolve of the Nation, just as it was tested during the Second World War. While those on today’s frontline are different to 75 years ago, the population once more has pulled together to defeat a common enemy. As we celebrate the VE Day 75, we should reflect on the values that allowed us to triumph against evil then, and which will help us deal with today’s threat – courage, selfless commitment and discipline.

“This could be the last time that we will be able to celebrate a major VE Day anniversary year with those who lived during the conflict; we must learn from their victory, never forget their sacrifices and be proud of our Nation today. That is their legacy.”

The VE Day anniversary weekend saw SSAFA publicise the anniversary and the publication VE Day 75 through print, digital and broadcast media.

To pre-order your free copy of this official SSAFA publication, paying only postage and packaging, please visit: www.veday75.net.