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Moorhouse’s Brewery

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Moorhouse’s have been brewing world class beverages since 1865 in Burnley. Our early production specialised in producing low alcohol hop bitters which were suitable for temperance bars. We now brew over a million pints of cask ale a year which is distributed to pubs, bars and supermarkets across the North West of England.

Five Moorhouse's cask ales

At the heart of what we do is our state of the art brewery which combines our brewers’ craft with the innovation and new techniques of today. We’re beer lovers with discerning standards and every pint is brewed to perfection, we’ve even got the accreditations to show it! Our range features award-winning favourites such as Blonde Witch and Scaredy Cat, named after the mystical history of Pendle, and special limited edition brews created on our pilot kit.


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