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Scoped Solutions Ltd

Transforming your business and saving the planet!

Scoped Solutions develop bespoke software systems to reduce or remove waste in business
processes creating positive change in your business and the environment.

Most businesses have processes that either use paper, fuel or time. We aim to reduce waste
in one or all of these areas.

Every wasted hour, sheet of paper or mile of travel will have a financial cost and an
environmental one.

Our software solutions can help you:

  • Access information without having to visit the office
  • View reports online instead of on paper
  • Plan workloads more effectively to reduce wasted fuel and travel
  • Email updates to customers instead of posting information
  • Fill out forms, worksheets and checklists on mobile devices
  • Access documents online
  • Improve capacity planning
  • And more……

All these help reduce your carbon footprint, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We’ve developed easy to use, insightful software solutions for over a hundred companies,
large and small, to suit a variety of budgets and functional needs, so whatever shape your
business takes rest assured we have the expertise to create a solution that fits your business
perfectly while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

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