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Could your Business Work with BAE?

BAE Systems – the globally known defence manufacturer -is on the search for greater collaboration with companies.

On 22/05/19, the Warton site in Lancashire will be home to a ‘Future Technologies Exhibition’.  This is going to look at themes like AI, VR, data analytics and simulation.

If you’re a Burnley company which sees space to collaborate with concepts, designs, manufacturing, training and support, this is an incredible opportunity. Companies are welcomed by BAE to come along and present their ideas and developments.

The aim of this exhibition is to show the company’s willingness to collaborate with SMEs and tech-led firms.

It’s being named the ‘Future Technologies Exhibition – A new era in collaboration between Human and Machine’, and will be held at Warton Lightning Club.

One spokesperson said: “With input from project teams in the form of challenge questions, the event provides the opportunity for some 70 SMEs to showcase their innovative ideas and technological developments.”

Julia Sutcliffe, BAE Systems’ chief technologist, says: “The business is looking to reach out to more companies in its search for greater collaboration.”

She told Lancashire Business View: “We are trying to be more collaborative, not just with big players but throughout the industrial eco-system.”

For more information contact matt.stevens@baesystems.com or sales@nu-techassoc.co.uk