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From Burnley to the USA

Batch Distillery has made a name for itself in Burnley, but it has now secured a further deal with a US importer to expand its offer of gins over the pond.

The Burnley business, based at Habergham Mill, saw its sales model flipped on its head due to the COVID pandemic. Prior to 2020, 75 per cent of Batch Distillery’s sales was via wholesale and export and 25 per cent through web sales and events. By the end of 2020, this entirely flipped – three-quarters of sales was via its new website and 25 per cent was through wholesalers.

One way Batch Distillery innovated to take account of the new climate is through its Innovations Club (and this month people can get their hands on Cloud Forest Gin). This is a membership club, with around 300 people on board, who receive handcrafted spirits as part of a subscription and feed back to the business. It’s a testing ground to decide which products to push to market, whether through its website or via its partners such as Booths.

And while its membership grows and the business aims to secure 500 members, it has seen wholesale and export sales growing again. One recent success was US importer Anthem Imports choosing Batch Distillery to make 7,000 bottles for it to ship to the States.

Phil Whitwell, director at Batch Distillery, told Burnley.co.uk: “This is a fantastic achievement after business flipped last year. Anthem Imports want to partner with us for a range of products, taking the current two it will distribute up to eight. We also make Kosher-certified gin and there’s a big market for those products in New York especially, so we’re exploring that avenue too.”

Johdi Disdale, operations manager at Batch Distillery, showed Burnley.co.uk how they make their gin, which is produced by head distiller Oliver and junior distiller Ryan, who joined the business as an apprentice through THEMIS at Burnley College and has stayed on ever since.

It’s certainly incredible to see how the unassuming unit in Habergham Mill houses the equipment required to make every flavour of gin you can think of. We took a peek inside a cupboard that houses all of their creations and it really is incredible that such a small team creates such a wide variety of products, which will soon be enjoyed by customers in the US.

Johdi also said there were other exciting plans in the pipeline that cannot be revealed just yet. It sounds like after a turbulent 2020, 2021 could be the year that puts Batch Distillery further on the (global) map.

We wish Batch all of the best with its new partnership in the US and we hope the reopening of the hospitality sector provides a much-needed boost.