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The carbon net zero revolution happening in Lancashire

Carbon net zero – why should I care? That’s the question one local business has been both asking and answering.

Businesswise Solutions, based at The Energy Centre on the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate in Brierfield, started life 11 years ago on the dining table of its CEO Frazer Burris, alongside Director Dean Cockett. It began as an energy broker, but needed a longer-term, unique and sustainable growth path. It soon evolved into a complete energy management service, including making sure businesses meet their commercial energy requirements – such as carbon net zero.

So what is carbon net zero? The UK wants to ensure its total greenhouse gas emissions are equal to or less than the emissions removed from the environment and it expects business to play its part.

Peter Catlow, Director of Sustainability at Businesswise Solutions, explained to Burnley.co.uk: “Carbon-net zero will be a revolution in every way. It’ll impact how we move around, what we eat, what we dress ourselves in. It’ll be unbelievable.

“I also think there will be a big drive back to British made, especially with the need to reduce our carbon footprint. And Businesswise is helping to lead this revolution, all here from Nelson.”

Mr Catlow said how the last 12 months has seen three dramatic events that have flagged risks to business performance:

  1. Environmental, such as the fires in the US and the floods in Australia;
  2. COVID, and the ensuing economic damage;
  3. Social issues, with numerous protests occurring.

“The investment community has realised that these risks are now real and they expect companies to factor such risks into their plans.”

Businesswise Solutions are leading by example, not only be assisting companies with their energy management, but also in its very modern offices in Lancashire.

The Businesswise Solutions offices in Nelson, Lancashire

As soon as you walk in, you can’t help but notice the ceiling, filled with swirling colourful LEDs and interactive displays. All the energy used at their offices is from certified renewable sources and they have installed electric vehicle charging points on their car park.

Their CEO Frazer drives an electric car and Businesswise offers attractive financing packages to their employees to enable them to purchase similar vehicles and use the charging points for free.

Businesswise Solutions is also a Burnley Bondholder, helping to raise the profile of this part of the world and why we are a business force to be reckoned with. They’re currently working with fellow bondholder The Low Carbon Energy Company to assess the feasibility of installing solar panels at their offices.

“We haven’t had to make any redundancies during the last 12 months and we continue to grow. From energy auditing and carbon management to energy buying and project feasibility, via our Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) offer, we can help businesses both in Lancashire and further afield get ahead of the game now,” Mr Catlow stated.

It’s great to see the impressive growth of a local business and we wish them all the best in putting the area on the map when it comes to sustainability.