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“I didn’t expect to build my career in Burnley, but the town has undergone an amazing transformation.”

When Shaun Singh, managing director of Burnley-based Loxta Hardware, went to university, he presumed he’d move to London or the Midlands to establish his career.

“I didn’t think I’d build my career in Burnley at all. I studied mechanical engineering at Loughborough University and at the time, I don’t think Burnley was seen as a strong business hub. Even though my parents have run their business Loxta Hardware in Burnley since 1987, I just presumed I’d work elsewhere,” Shaun told Burnley.co.uk.

When he graduated, he took a position at a company in Blackburn, which kept him in the area.

“With me remaining in the area, I also helped my parents further build their company and it quickly became apparent how the business reputation of Burnley had changed. The town has undergone an amazing transformation over the past ten years.

“This could be for several reasons. Of course, Burnley FC going into the Premier League no doubt put Burnley on the map internationally and made the town easily recognisable to our international customers. Plus the reputation of the Clarets as a hard-working team allowed people to realise that the town of Burnley was hardworking too,” Shaun said.

He also acknowledged Burnley Bondholders as helping to turn the town into a serious business hub and a fantastic place in which to invest.

“Loxta is part of the Burnley Bondholders, which has been running for over ten years now. I think alongside the benefits of international exposure through Burnley FC, the work the bondholders do is incredible. At university, there would be the usual north/south banter, but now I think people can really admire the hard work that goes on in northern destinations. It really has changed over the last ten years, a lot of effort has gone into building its reputation and it’s fantastic to see,” Shaun explained.

Proving Burnley is resilient

Loxta Hardware is proving to have Burnley’s resilient attitude, having recently launched several new products and is now looking for additional warehouse space in the town.

During the crash of 2008, Loxta lost 70 per cent of its business overnight. It needed to switch up its strategy, after the bulk of its business was providing window and door hardware direct to large merchants. Part of that included expanding its distribution in the UK and providing a custom-made service where customers can have their own products designed and manufactured.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant the business has been “pushing hard to recover”, Shaun told us.

New innovative products include:

  • TouchProtect® Spray Paint – this protects contact surfaces like door handles from viruses including COVID. This protection can be applied to existing door and window hardware, meaning businesses and places like hospitals who are short on budget can apply the protection to their current fittings quickly and easily.
  • TouchProtect® Film – a self-adhesive film that can be applied to contact surfaces to provide an anti-microbial and anti-viral protection. The film is printed to ensure users know that the contact surface is safe to touch, and is perfect for door and window hardware, toilet flushes etc.
  • TouchProtect® Sanitiser – a new silky smooth hand sanitiser that leaves no sticky residue and has a very low fragrance. With plenty of hand sanitisers on the market, it was important that we offered our customers something better than the standard versions, and better suited for trade, professional and educational environments.

We wish Loxta Hardware all of the best for their new product launches and their continued growth and are thrilled that Burnley has been the perfect business base.