Low Carbon Energy Managing Director

Renewable Energy Company Secures Huge Contract

The Low Carbon Energy company has secured a £ 1.2 million contract to deliver a 2MW solar pv system for a major data centre in the South of England (who don’t yet want to be named for commercial reasons).

The project will see them install over 6000 panels on the roof of the major PLC, which will deliver over 1,800, 000 kwh of electric a year for the next 25 years and beyond saving around a 1000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Significantly, the project is being done without any feed in tariff (the scheme where people received payments for generating their own energy).

It’s their biggest single project and our client will see returns of over 20% even without the tariffs and will reduce the cost of generated electric from 12p to less than 3p . Big rises in electric prices combined with reduced panel costs means solar is still a winner without tariffs.

2019 will see a doubling of turnover on 2018 which was a record year. That, combined with our electric vehicle charging , battery and grid trading offer, means they are in for very exciting times.