Writers Required – Burnley Literary Festival

As part of the Burnley Literary Festival 4th – 6th Oct, we would like to showcase local writers work around the theme of ‘conversations over coffee.’ We are calling this a poetry exhibition but the work could be short stories, autobiographical pieces or other. The work will then be printed out and put on display on tables in Rhode Island Coffee for weekend coffee drinkers to read.

We will need the work to be submitted no later than Monday 23rd September so that we have time to print the poems. We may also look at having poster boards made of some of the poems, and we are currently looking into having a Burnley Literary Festival Zine made so that we can showcase work after the festival – any further publication of writers work will be discussed with the writers individually beforehand.

There is no limit to how many pieces writers submit but the material must be suitable for readers of all ages and should avoid any material which may upset or disturb. The poems will be “stumbled upon” and therefore need to take into consideration that the reader might not be expecting to see poetry/literature. Burnley Literary Festival retains editorial control over the content, and work may be rejected.

Any work submitted should be original and you must provide the author’s name (as you wish to be publicly credited). Please note any work submitted by someone under 18 will not be published with their full name without proof of consent.

To submit work please send to stephie@culturapedia.co (just .co) in a word document (not a pdf), with the author’s name as you wish to be credited. You may also supply other information such as the name of which local writers group you belong to (if any) and a website – wherever possible we will try to include this information on the exhibition print, but space may be limited.